May 13th, 2009

DNS Price Cut! $0.99/month or $11.88/year

LuxSci has reduced the price of DNS services (Domain Name Services) effectively immediately.

  • The paid-monthly price has changed from $2.00/domain to $0.99/domain
  • The paid-yearly price has changed from $17.50/domain to $11.88/domain

Domain name services control the publication of which servers at what providers are in charge of your web site, your email, and other services.  Any domain that is being used (as opposed to merely being “parked” for possible later use) needs DNS services to function.  Please refer to  Understanding Domain Name Service (DNS).

In addition to providing the DNS services themselves, LuxSci promptly responds to all customer requests for DNS changes, provides DNS expertise for email and web hosting migrations,  and, for those customers who prefer to manage their own DNS settings, a secure login to their own DNS. LuxSci provides premium DNS services through our partnership with EasyDNS — this is a featureful, high quality, globally redundant service.

Our new prices apply to all new customers and upgrades made by existing customers; it will not affect the prices of previously purchased services with LuxSci.  However, existing customers are encouraged to contact LuxSci’s Billing Department via Support Ticket to request an “account review”.  This is recommended for any account prior to contract renewal or other factors specific to your account that might benefit favorably with current LuxSci pricing.   Account reviews are always available on request and are free of charge.

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    […] has recently lowered its prices for DNS services [and domain registrations]. We are now cost competitive with all major DNS […]

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