July 6th, 2012

Do They Support TLS? Find out Fast

Do you want your email messages sent “in the clear” across the Internet, where they could be read by anyone?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) enables email servers to automatically establish a secure channel between themselves so that your email messages can be securely transmitted from your servers to your recipient’s servers.  See: All about email delivery over TLS.

TLS is not universally supported … in fact most email providers do not yet support it.   If you want to see if the mail servers of a particular recipient supports TLS, you can do it manually, if you are technical.

Now, you can use LuxSci’s free TLS Checker tool that makes it quick and easy to check without needing technical know-how.  Simply enter the domain name or email address of your recipient and our tool will tell you if all of their inbound servers support TLS or not.

Go To: LuxSci’s TLS Checker

If they do support TLS and if you are using a service (like LuxSci’s) which will automatically use TLS if available, then your messages to this recipient will be automatically secured.  If they do not, then you would need to use a service like LuxSci SecureLine to ensure email security.

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