January 24th, 2009

Easy Bulk Download of all Attachments or all Selected Messages

LuxSci has released a new bulk downloading tool that allows users to save many files at once to their computer with minimal effort.  With LuxSci WebMail, this means that now users can:

  • Download all Attachments at Once: Click on the new "Download All Attachments in The Message" link, available in the "Attachments" tab of your message view area, to open a pop-up window containing the bulk download tool.
  • Download All Selected Messages at Once: Select any number of email messages from the message list and click on the "View > Download Message(s)" menu option.  If you have selected more than one message, the bulk download tool will open in a pop-up window with "EML-encoded" versions of all of the selected messages included therein.

What can you do with the bulk download tool?

The bulk download tool is a Java applet that will work in any of our supported web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) that have Java v1.4+ installed.  If you do not have this, no problem, the non-bulk methods of downloading will work just fine. 

The bulk downloader allows users to:

  • Select all or only a subset of the files or messages to download
  • Drag and Drop selected messages/files to their computer
  • Select a local folder on their computer and have them all downloaded to that folder.

The bulk download is very convenient as you can download hundreds of items at once with just a few clicks.  The downloader gives you a progress bar and a continuously updated report of how many files and bytes have been downloaded.  You can take a break while the system works for you.

In the near future, users will also be able to bulk upload files into email messages (i.e. drag and drop a folder full of images into an email message).  This bulk upload feature is already available in our WebAides collaboration suite (Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, and Document storage) and is scheduled for addition to WebMail very soon.

So, stay tuned!

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