June 16th, 2016

Email Archival is Better than Ever: Migration Plan for Old Customers

For the past five months, new customers who have purchased email archival from LuxSci have been getting the excellent archival services of our new partner, Sonian.  LuxSci changed archival partners after it was announced that McAfee’s email filtering and archival services were at their “end of life.”

The new Sonain service has turned out to be vastly superior to that which was available through McAfee. In the end, everyone will be able to take advantage of a superior archival solution.  This article discusses some of the benefits of Sonian Archival, as well as how we are migrating old customers from McAfee to Sonian and what they should expect.

Compare McAfee and Sonian Archival

Sonian is hands-down better than McAfee. This is especially evident in their quick and easy-to-use portal; returning search results is faster, and setting multiple levels of access control is easier.

Feature McAfee Sonian
Archival Retention 1-10 years Forever
Customizable down to 1 month
Archival Storage Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum archived message size 50 MB 75 MB
Replication 2-3 data centers 8 redundant US data centers
Saved Searches? Yes Yes
Multiple Levels of Admin Access Yes
Users who can only access specific saved searches? Yes
End-users can search their own archives? Yes Yes
HIPAA-compliant Yes Yes
Designed for compliance archiving and e-discovery (FINRA, FERPA, FRCP, SOX, SEC) Yes
Searching limited Advanced
Saved searches can alert on newly received matching messages Yes
Full content search of 500+ attachment types Yes
Legal hold Yes
Tag messages with keywords Yes
Flag messages for review Yes
Instant Searches Yes Yes
Outlook Integration Yes
Export Email Yes Yes
Business Continuity Yes Yes

Migration of Customers using McAfee Archival

Unfortunately, as McAfee Archival is reaching its “end of life,” we are required to move all of our McAfee Archival customers to the new Sonian Archival solution by January, 2017.  Remaining with McAfee Archival is not possible, as the service will be effectively “off” by the EOL date (and is already showing signs of degrading quality).

LuxSci will be migrating its customers in phases over the next 7 months.  If you would like your migration to be prioritized, please contact LuxSci Support to request this.  The migration process is as follows:

  1. If you have Premium Email Filtering through McAfee, this will be migrated at the same time.
  2. LuxSci will create your new Sonian Archival account for you and give you your administrative credentials to manage your new archival account.
  3. Your current inbound and outbound email flow will be redirected to Sonian (away from McAfee).  All new archived messages will be found in your Sonian portal.
  4. LuxSci will update your billing perform any needed pricing changes
  5. LuxSci will initiate the export of your email from McAfee
    1. This may take days to months to complete, depending on McAfee and the size of your archives
    2. You can still login to McAfee and search your archives during this time
  6. Once the export is complete, LuxSci will download your archives to a secured location
    1. This can take one week to 90 days, depending on the amount of data to download and the number of customers done.
  7. Once all your data is downloaded:
    1. LuxSci will import your data to your Sonian account (unless you tell us otherwise — we can just send you an encrypted drive of EML files instead).
    2. LuxSci will delete your McAfee account.
  8. Migration complete

As you can see, the migration process can take some time due to the size of the data involved and the number of moving parts.  However, you will not lose access to your archived data during the process.  Additionally, LuxSci will be keeping a backup copy of all of your McAfee email archives until the dust settles and we are sure that everything has been moved and validated (we will likely keep this data until mid to late 2017).  If you want us to delete your particular export sooner, just let us know.

Pricing Changes

While LuxSci has changed archival vendors from McAfee to Sonian, the price of our services hasn’t changed for either  multi-year Email Archival or for Premium Filtering. However, there are two changes that affect pricing for some customers:

  1. We have had to eliminate a discount previously offered when bundling both Archival and Premium Email Filtering.  With discount, Email Filtering + Archival was available together for $3.50/user/mo.  Customers with this bundle will be migrated to Sonian Archival and the “beginner” level of Premium Email Filtering for $5.00/user/mo.*
  2. There is no longer a 1-year archival plan previously priced at $1.90/mo. These plans will me migrated to the standard Archival Plan at $3.50/user/mo.

* Customers interested in the “business” level of Premium Email Filtering for $1.00/user/mo more can let us know and we can select that for your at migration time, or any time thereafter.

No Fee for Migration

It costs LuxSci $6.00 per GB to import email into a Sonian email archival account.  For a customer with 1000 GB of archived email, this is a $6000 one-time fee!

LuxSci is taking care of all of the migration and archival ingest fees for all of the customers in good standing who are being migrated to Sonian.  LuxSci is absorbing all such costs and not passing any along to these customers.  LuxSci is also taking care of performing all of the manual work involved in the migrations (account creations, archival downloads, archival imports, etc,) free of charge.

This forced migration not ideal … but we will all end up with a better level of service.   LuxSci wants to make this process as painless as possible for its customers.  LuxSci has your back.

If you have any questions about the archival migration or any associated changes, please contact LuxSci Support.

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