March 12th, 2004

Email Feature Additions

Email Archival And Backup: LuxSci has a suite of features that can be used in conjunction to enable you to easily backup or archive email for one or all of your users. read more.

Download Email Folders: Users can now download email folders of any size as an archive. The archive will be a “ZIP” file containing all of the messages in the folder formatted in the standard “UNIX” mailbox format. The actual email folders are not in this format on the servers, but as this format is one of the oldest and most universal, it is perhaps the most useful for archival purposes.

Auto-Archive Folders: Our “Email Folders” supports a new “Message Auto-deletion” option for moving messages to dated archive folder. This enables you to have the contents of any email folder be automatically moved to a new folder, of the same name but with a date stamp appended, when certain conditions are met. Archival can be scheduled to occur weekly, monthly, or after the folder reaches a certain size.

Capture all Inbound Email for a Domain: This new administrative feature enables you to have copies of all inbound email to all users in your domain forwarded to an email address of your choice. You may also exclude select users from this process. This feature is useful for global auditing, archival, or backup purposes. Combined with the “Auto-Archive Folders” and “Download Email Folders” features, account managers can easily keep copies of all inbound email for any period of time, downloading and removing archives as needed.

Undelete: LuxSci WebMail now allows you to “undelete” deleted messages if you have enabled the delete-then-expunge IMAP-like behavior in your WebMail preferences.

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