February 6th, 2004

Email Guard Email Filtering Updates

Many new Email Guard features released:

  • New report on “Inbound Server Connections” provides information about connections to your server during message delivery.
  • New notification features: You can now designate notifications policies when an email fails a specific filtering policy (for example, “notify recipient” if a email was quarantined because of a virus).
  • Recipient shield actions: You can now designate separate actions to take depending on whether the email address is found on the Recipient Deny list or whether the email address is invalid in your domain.
  • Notifications and templates: New notification features allow you to notify a sender and/or recipient when an email violates a specific policy. This feature enables you to determine what notifications are sent to whom (sender and/or recipient), and for what policy violations. This new feature also allows you to create specific templates (including notification messages) to be sent to senders and/or recipients when an email violates a set policy.
  • End user report types: End users can now elect to receive a text-only email instead of an HTML Spam Quarantine Report indicating that they have new messages in their personal Spam quarantine. Included in this text-only summary will be a link to their online personal Spam quarantine area.

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