September 16th, 2003

Email Guard Feature Additions

Several new Email Guard features have been added:

  • We have updated the Spam Report and Quarantine User Index pages to include updated options:
    • There are new options for when end-users receive their Spam Quarantine Reports: Never, Every Day, Every Weekday, Every Monday, Monday & Friday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
    • We added a Spam Exempt Users list, accessible under the “Anti-Spam” section of the “Policies” tab. This feature allows end-users to opt-out of spam filtering (via their Spam Quarantine Reports) if the Administrator enables this option.
    • We have added the ability to send Spam Quarantine Reports only to selected end-users in a given domain, instead of all or none.
  • We have updated sorting for the following pages to support ascending and descending sorting including an up/down arrow: Domain, Customer, Reseller, Host, and User.
  • We have updated all Quarantine pages by adding new up/down arrows for sorting to the header bar, and we have made the header bar style match the style used in similar pages, such as the Manage Customers page.
  • We have added a new attachment policy for high-risk zip attachments (e.g. mod-arbomb). The actions associated with the policy include allow, quarantine, and deny.
  • We have added an “accept” action for content filters. When a message triggers a content policy violation, and the policy action is set to “accept”, spam filtering will be skipped for that particular message.
  • We have added an explicit “Do Nothing” action selection for “attachment type” policies. Now “Do Nothing” can be selected like any other action.
  • We have added a file upload option for your “exempt users” list. You are now able to upload lists of exempt users directly from the Exempt Users page.

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