February 21st, 2005

Email Guard: New Features

Email Guard is a service that has been replaced by Email Defense, but which is still used by a very large number of customers. Changes have been made within the Email Guard Portal and the individual Spam Quarantine Reports to accommodate this upgrade. Users of our Email Defense service already have these features in their Email Defense Portal

  • User policy changes: Domain Policy and user lists can now be downloaded into an .xls spreadsheet format, including Exempt User Lists, Recipient Deny Lists, Anti-Spam Exempt Lists and Users Allow/Deny Lists. Also, after creating Spam Content Groups, messages that contain Spam keywords will be considered as Spam and put in a user’s Quarantine. With this feature both current content keywords and Spam content filtering keywords can both be defined
  • User management changes: Administrators can adjust filtering policy actions for users, and can allow users to determine Spam reporting options. The upgrade also allows for the batch deletion of users.
  • Time zone management: Users are now able to select a preferred Time Zone setting, which will then apply to all information with time stamps in the portal.
  • Internationalization: Non-English characters within incoming email messages are decoded and displayed, and current content and Spam content filtering keywords in other languages are now supported.

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