February 15th, 2005

Email Sending Limits on Web Servers

It is explicitly against LuxSci’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to send Spam, unsolicited commercial email, or bulk email or any kind from LuxSci’s web servers. In order to proactively limit such unauthorized usage of our web servers, LuxSci will be imposing limits on the number of email messages that can be sent each day from the web servers by users and web sites.Web sites will be limited to sending no more than 500 email messages per day. The web site owner, his account administrator, and technical support will be warned once the web site has sent more than 250 messages in one day and if the web site exceeds its limit.

Users with shell or CRON access will be limited to sending no more than 200 email messages per day. Both the user, his account admin, and technical support will be warned once the user has sent more than 100 messages in one day and if the user exceeds his/her limit.

Once a user or web site exceeds its limit, it will be blocked from sending additional email messages for 24 hours.

The sending limits on web sites can be raised without any additional fees if necessary. If you think that your web site may need to send more than 500 email messages in one day, you should make a support ticket explaining why and requesting a higher limit.

These user and web site sending limits and warnings will NOT go into effect for several weeks. In the mean time, we will be watching user and web site email usage and contacting those users or sites that would have reached these limits so that we can adjust the limits for web sites that legitimately need to send more messages before the limits go into effect for real.

Please feel free to review your user and web site email sending histories as they accrue via the auditing reports and to make a support ticket if you have any questions about these limits.

Technical Note: Our web servers now utilize the special environment variable “SMTPAUTH” to authorize and track your web sites’ outbound email usage. Tampering with or removing this environment variable will result in either greatly reduced sending limits or the complete failure of all outbound email to be sent (once the limits are imposed). This is not an issue for PHP scripts, but can be an issue in Perl and other CGI scripts if you modify the environment passed to sendmail. You can tell if you have a problem with this by looking at your web site’s email sending reports; scripts with this problem will not have their sent messages recorded there.

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