March 25th, 2005

End User Feature Additions

  • The “Fetch POP Email” tool has been revised to support secure connections (using SSL) to the remote POP servers to which it connects to download your email.
  • The “Move” email command present in the Email Message Display and the Email Folder Display has been revised to pop-up a little window where you can select the folder to which you wish to move the selected message(s). In the window, you can also choose to create a new folder into which to move the messages. The “Move To New Folder” and “New Folder” commands that were under the “More Commands” have been removed as they would be redundant.
  • In the Email Folder Display page, the icon next to the page title changes to indicate if you have no messages, or if you have new unread messages. This is in addition to the text in the page body that also indicates this.
  • In the Email Composition Page, you can use the new “Spell Check” command to check your spelling whenever you want, rather than waiting until you send the message.
  • In “General WebMail Preferences” under “My Preferences”, there is a new preference: “View illustrative icons in WebMail?”. This is enabled by default. Turning this off will hide most of the icons that have been added to the Full Members’ portal, producing simpler, more Xpress-portal-like pages.

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