August 21st, 2012

Enforced DKIM Filtering Eliminates Forged Email

LuxSci’s Premium Email Filtering has been enhanced to provide customers with the capacity to filter email based on DKIM signatures to provide more accurate protection from forged email.

Customers can add or upload lists of domains to be covered by DKIM checking (e.g. their own domains to start with) and can then say what should happen to messages when:

  • a DKIM signature is present but is not valid
  • no DKIM signature is present
  • a valid DKIM signature is present

Enabling DKIM helps mitigate backscatter email and, even more importantly, eliminates inbound SPAM forged to appear to be from your own users or domains.

All LuxSci outbound email services support DKIM-signing messages; so enabling inbound filtering based on DKIM completes the loop of email authentication.

Premium Email Filtering also supports enforced use of SPF and TLS for inbound email from domains you choose.  All of these things together serve to lock down your email flow and eliminate unwanted messages.

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