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Can I send bulk email, or can I send email to very large lists of recipients?

LuxSci’s premium email service are not a bulk email services. We do not permit sending of bulk mailings, even if they are legitimate, from our premium email servers. This helps ensure that our servers do not, even accidentally, get on black lists and helps preserve our very strong anti-Spam stance and reputation. See our Acceptable Use Policy and our standard SMTP limits.

For folks who do need to send to large lists of existing contacts, we do offer a service designed explicitly for this — LuxSci High Volume Outbound Email.

How do I migrate my existing users and data to LuxSci?

The easiest, most effective option is to take advantage of our managed migration services, as long as you have IMAP access with your current provider. There are also several 'do-it-yourself' options. For more see: Migrate Your Data to LuxSci.

I already have a web site somewhere else... can I sign up for just email services and keep my existing site where it is?

Yes. It is very common for the email services and web services for a domain to be provided by different companies. To sign up for just email services, select one of our standard email packages or use our custom package wizard and select “Email Services”.

Once your account has been setup, you will contact your current web hosting company, or whoever is managing your DNS services, and have them update certain “MX Records”. This will cause the email for your domain to flow to LuxSci’s servers, but will leave your web site and other non-email services unaffected.

What's the difference between the Premium Email Spam and Virus Filter and the Basic Spam and Virus Filter?

The major difference is that, just as its title describes, Premium Email Filtering is our premium filter option — it costs a bit more than our Basic filter, but it affords much more effective filtering and hosts a larger set of features. It combines 3 redundant virus filters with a host of spam filters, including Cloudmark, to stop 98% or more of all malicious email. Premium Email Filtering users receive a login to a special Premium Email Filtering portal where they can configure their filter settings and access their individual quarantine to browse through messages that have been caught as Spam. It is a domain-wide filter, meaning it applies to all email addresses and users inside your domain. As such, you must have your own domain name to take advantage of Premium Email Filtering, and it requires changing the MX records for your domain in order to provision it. Read more about the Premium Email Filtering

Our Basic Spam and Virus Filter, while perhaps not as effective as the Premium option, serves as a solid alternative at a lower price. It utilizes many powerful filter programs such as SpamAssassin and Clam AntiVirus, and unlike Premium Email Filtering it can be provisioned on an individual basis without needing to provision the whole domain. Basic filter options can be configured from within the LuxSci member’s portal. Also, you do not need your own domain name as you do with Premium Email Filtering, so users with email can take advantage of the Basic filter. Read more about the Basic Spam and Virus Filter.

If I start with email address, is it easy to switch to my own domain name later?

Yes! You may add new domain(s) to your account at any time. Once the DNS changes take effect for these domains, they will have their own set of email aliases, forwards, and email boxes.

How do disk space limits work?

All new LuxSci email and web hosting accounts come with a certain amount of disk space included shared among all users. The amount depends on which server environment you select for your account.

Business Class hosting includes 50 GB.

Enterprise Class hosting includes 25 GB.

If this is not enough for you, you can easily upgrade. The current base cost is $10/month for 10 GB increases in the Enterprise Class environment, and $7.50/month for 10 GB increases in the Business Class environment.  See the price list for more details.

Your disk space limit is not a hard limit on your disk usage. Your disk usage is unrestricted, but it is monitored throughout the month, and you are charged based on your peak (maximum) usage during the month. You will be charged $1.00 for each GB that you exceed of your disk space limit each month in the Enterprise Class environment, and $0.75 for each GB that your exceed your disk space limit if you are in the Business Class environment to cover the “Supplemental Disk Space Usage”.  The status of your disk space is given online in the member services area. You can upgrade your disk space limit anytime in the LuxSci member’s web site.

LuxSci supports optional user-level and domain-level disk space limits so that you can manage the amount of disk space used by your users. These disk quotas are “hard” in the sense that if exceeded, affected users lose access to many services: the ability to receive email, SMTP relaying, FTP, etc. These quotas are not “hard” in the sense that it is still possible for a user to exceed his or her quota; however, once the user has done so, it is much more difficult to use more space.

How long of a commitment do I have once I sign up?

Monthly. All accounts have a monthly term.  You can choose to pre-pay for a number of years and get a discount for that; however, if you quit before that term is up that pre-payment credit is voided and deducted from any credit you have remaining in your account.

What payment methods does LuxSci accept?

  • We accept secure online credit card payments via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. When paying by credit card, you may choose to enable automatic recurring payments. All credit card data is processed through and stored with in a PCI-compliant way.
  • We accept payment via check or money order in U.S. funds drawn from U.S. banks.
  • We accept payment via send payments to International customers from many countries also use to make payments.
  • We accept payments via Bitcoin.
  • We accept direct wire transfers for payment. Wire transfer payments under $300.00 incur a $15.00 processing fee.
  • We accept direct domestic transfers of funds.
  • Please contact us if you wish to pay via a purchase order.

Will I be informed when I approach the limits of my disk space quota? What happens if I exceed my quota?

Yes. You will receive two email warnings when you are at 75% and 90% of your disk quota.  You will receive another message when you exceed your quota and once every few days thereafter as a reminder, until the situation is resolved.

If you exceed your quota, you will NOT lose any email or suffer any other negative consequences; you will merely be charged a small disk usage overage fee at the end of the month.

I am not sure what email services I need... I am new to all of this.

Read the article: Email Services: What are they and what do you need? This was written to clarify all those jargon terms and help you decide what services are right for you.

You may also be interested in this article: The Case For Secure Email, which explains how email is insecure and what features we offer to help mitigate that.

If you have or want to have a domain name of your own, but don’t know what DNS is, you should read: Understanding Domain Name Service (DNS)

Are there any limits on how many email messages I can send?

There are explicit limits on sending.  These are based on:

  • LuxSci’s Acceptable Use Policy which forbids use of our services for bulk or mass emailing of any kind (with the exception of our High Volume service).
  • LuxSci’s commitment to keeping our premium hosting servers off of blacklists.

For the High Volume email service, you pay explicitly for your limits.

For premium shared email hosting services, the default limits for each individual user are:

  • 300 messages/day via SMTP
  • 3000 recipients/day via SMTP
  • 1000 recipients/message via SMTP
  • 90 recipients/message via WebMail
  • No limit on messages/day via WebMail

Note that usage within these limits is monitored by the LuxSci support staff to discover suspicious activity before it can become an issue.

Are there any limits on often I can check my email via POP?

In order to protect our servers from excessive use that may impact performance, we limit each user to checking their POP email no more frequently than once every 30 seconds. This limit does not affect use of IMAP, SMTP, or WebMail.

We take an average of your connection frequency over the period of an hour. If you are exceeding the rate of once every 30 seconds for an few hours, POP connectivity will be temporarily suspended for 15 minutes to 1 hour — until your hourly average rate of successful connections falls back to at most once every 30 seconds.

Most clients find that once every 3-5 minutes is frequent enough for checking their POP email, as email is not an instantaneous medium.

Can I access my address books from Outlook or other programs?

All users can use LDAP to view and query their address books directly from their email clients (like Outlook). This is not synchronization, but a means of directly accessing read only versions of your LuxSci address books from within your email clients.

Outlook users can also use our WebAideSynch Outlook plugin to synchronize address book, calendar, and task data.

Can I download email to my LuxSci account from other email accounts?

Definitely! We provide a web-based application where by you can download email from any number of remote email accounts (i.e. accounts on other servers) to your LuxSci account. This supports any remote account that you can connect to using the POP3 email protocol. This application allows you to preview messages and specify what to download or delete, download without preview, delete messages or leave them on the server, to download from multiple accounts all at once, and to have email download automatically to your LuxSci email folders every 20 minutes.

Note that email downloaded in this fashion can be subject to all anti-Spam or anti-Virus services that you may have with LuxSci!

Can I have an address book and/or calendar that is shared among all of my users?

Yes! Global Address Books and Calendars are automatically generated for the main administrator user. There are no additional costs to setup WebAide sharing globally or on more granular levels such as by domain, with one or more users, or with user groups.

Can I import and export my address book from Outlook?

Yes. All users get versatile address books that can be easily synchronized with Outlook and many other email clients. You can import address book data via CSV file, vCard file, and via our Outlook WebAideSynch plugin.

Can I send email with a return address that is not registered at LuxSci?

Certainly. You can send email where the return and from addresses are arbitrary. Using our WebMail application, you can easily send email where the return and from addresses are, even if the domain is not registered with LuxSci! This is great if you have many different email addresses — you can send email as if it comes from any of them. See: Manage Your Multiple Personalities with Email Signatures.

Note that use of this feature is subject to our acceptable use policy and should not be used for sending Spam or for return or from addresses that do not belong to you (i.e. that are fraudulent). Abuse of this service is grounds for account termination or prosecution.

Can I use a Blackberry, palmOne Treo, or iPhone with LuxSci?

Yes. These types of devices support connecting to Internet email services via POP or IMAP, and LuxSci has instructions that will help you with their configuration. Checking email with either type of device can be done in such a way that copies of all your email remains on the server so you can also access it via WebMail or via other email programs.

Can I use my Mac OSX POP or IMAP e-mail program using my own domain name with your email servers?

Certainly. You can use any POP or IMAP email program with our servers, even if you have one or more of your own domain names. Those email programs that are built into Apple Mac OSX will work right out of the box. Many of our Mac users use programs like, Entourage, and Eudora; we have explicit instructions for setting up these email programs for use with LuxSci.

Can my email be archived?

YES: LuxSci offers a Basic Email Archival option and a Premium Email Archiving option. Our Basic Email Archiving option allows you to archive your incoming and outgoing email for your domain on our servers. Our Premium Email Archiving solution archives incoming and outgoing email on separate servers and those emails cannot be deleted or altered, which can assist in compliancy issues.