How long does it take to get new accounts setup

How long does it take to get a new account setup?

Accounts are provisioned everyday during normal business hours (9 AM - 10 PM EST) once payment is received. It may take up to one business hour after this payment is made for your account to be provisioned, subject to manual security and fraud review. Depending on the method, your payment can be instantaneous or take several days.

  • Credit Cards: Account provisioning can be immediate for orders paid by credit card
  • Checks: These take a minimum of 5 business days to clear after received and deposited, after which your account will be provisioned.
  • Money Orders: Your account can be provisioned once we receive the Money Order.
  • PayPal: Depends on the type of payment, see below. Please send PayPal payment to
  • PayPal "direct" payments: With these the funds are transferred immediately and so setup can be immediate as well.
  • Paypal "eCheck" payments: These typically take 5 business days to process through PayPal, and your can be provisioned once we receive confirmation from PayPal that it has cleared.
  • Wire/Bank Transfers: These take a minimum of 4 business days to clear, after which your account can be provisioned.

In general, to get your account up and running as fast as possible, we recommend making the initial order payment via a credit card or the 'direct' PayPal method. Other methods can prolong your account provisioning by up to as much as one week. Once your account is setup you may make subsequent payments via an alternate method such as check if you prefer.

Please note that dedicated servers have a 2-5 business day provisioning period exclusive of when the initial payment is received. This means if you place the order and send the initial payment via Wire Transfer, for instance, that it could take between 6-9 business days for your server to be provisioned and come online.

Please contact sales if you have any questions or concerns regarding new account setup and payment.