Standard Shared Hosting: Definition of a user at LuxSci

What is a “user”?

A “User” represents a distinct login to LuxSci and separate space for email or other services. This login provides individual access to WebMail, FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP. Typically, each person who needs individual email access will be a “user”. Each LuxSci account comes with at least one user; the cost of additional users depends on which services they will be entitled to utilize. You can add additional users to your account at any time through the LuxSci member’s web site. See our price list for detailed pricing.

If you have your own domain name, you can have more email addresses than users because you can set up an arbitrary number of “email aliases” which forward email from any specified email address at your domain to your actual users. So, you might not need separate users for addresses like “info,” “webmaster,” “sales,” etc. You can send and receive email for these aliases from any user you wish. This is one difference between our service and other services that offer 10 or 100 POP email accounts. We give you unlimited aliases to cover all the various addresses you may need, and charge only for actual users.

You can also have a “catch-all” email address for your domain(s) where all email sent to anyone your domain who is not defined by an explicit user or alias is forwarded to address(es) of your choice. All aliases can be managed through online tools in the LuxSci member’s web site.