Standard Shared Hosting: Sending limits

Are there any limits on how many email messages I can send?

There are explicit limits on sending.  These are based on:

  • LuxSci’s Acceptable Use Policy which forbids use of our services for bulk or mass emailing of any kind (with the exception of our High Volume service).
  • LuxSci’s commitment to keeping our premium hosting servers off of blacklists.

For the High Volume email service, you pay explicitly for your limits.

For premium shared email hosting services, the default limits for each individual user are:

  • 300 messages/day via SMTP
  • 3000 recipients/day via SMTP
  • 1000 recipients/message via SMTP
  • 90 recipients/message via WebMail
  • No limit on messages/day via WebMail

Note that usage within these limits is monitored by the LuxSci support staff to discover suspicious activity before it can become an issue.

Related FAQs

Can I send bulk email, or can I send email to very large lists of recipients?

LuxSci’s premium email service are not a bulk email services. We do not permit sending of bulk mailings, even if they are legitimate, from our premium email servers. This helps ensure that our servers do not, even accidentally, get on black lists and helps preserve our very strong anti-Spam stance and reputation. See our Acceptable Use Policy and our standard SMTP limits.

For folks who do need to send to large lists of existing contacts, we do offer a service designed explicitly for this — LuxSci High Volume Outbound Email.

Is there a limit on how many aliases or users/email boxes I can have?

Not really. You can have as many users or email boxes as you like in your account sharing the same overall disk quota. Each email box or user corresponds to a login to LuxSci.

We limit email aliases to 100 + 10 for each user in your account, so 100 + (users x 10), though this limit can be increased upon request. You can send and receive email for these aliases. You can even have catch-all aliases where email for any user of your domain for whom there is no alias gets sent to some specified user. LuxSci provides online tools with which you can manage your email aliases.

Do you limit the sending of email from web sites?

Yes. For anti-Spam reasons, we track the number of email messages sent by your web site scripts. You can view a daily summary or detailed auditing reports of email messages sent from your web site scripts. Each web site is limited to sending a certain maximum number of email messages per day (the default maximum is 500 messages). If your site exceeds this maximum, it will be blocked from sending additional messages for 24 hours. Additionally, you and our support department will be notified of this breach. Our support department and you will also be notified when you site gets “close” to its sending limit; the default warning threshold is 250 messages in one day.

The LuxSci support staff can adjust your sending limits as needed on a per-web site basis. However, you must indicate for what purpose the messages are being used, and your usage will be monitored. Use of web sites for sending Spam, bulk email, or unsolicited commercial email is strictly prohibited and grounds for account termination; this monitoring process is a proactive way to detect and catch accidental or malicious excessive outbound email activity.