Standard Shared Hosting: Basic vs. Premium Email Filtering v2

What's the difference between the Premium Email Spam and Virus Filter and the Basic Spam and Virus Filter?

The major difference is that, just as its title describes, Premium Email Filtering is our premium filter option — it costs a bit more than our Basic filter, but it affords much more effective filtering and hosts a larger set of features. It combines 3 redundant virus filters with a host of spam filters, including Cloudmark, to stop 98% or more of all malicious email. Premium Email Filtering users receive a login to a special Premium Email Filtering portal where they can configure their filter settings and access their individual quarantine to browse through messages that have been caught as Spam. It is a domain-wide filter, meaning it applies to all email addresses and users inside your domain. As such, you must have your own domain name to take advantage of Premium Email Filtering, and it requires changing the MX records for your domain in order to provision it. Read more about the Premium Email Filtering

Our Basic Spam and Virus Filter, while perhaps not as effective as the Premium option, serves as a solid alternative at a lower price. It utilizes many powerful filter programs such as SpamAssassin and Clam AntiVirus, and unlike Premium Email Filtering it can be provisioned on an individual basis without needing to provision the whole domain. Basic filter options can be configured from within the LuxSci member’s portal. Also, you do not need your own domain name as you do with Premium Email Filtering, so users with email can take advantage of the Basic filter. Read more about the Basic Spam and Virus Filter.