High Volume – Technical Questions

Does LuxSci support DKIM and DomainKeys?

Yes! LuxSci supports DKIM for both inbound and outbound email flow. For more details, please see our FYI Blog article "DKIM: Fight Spam and Forged Email by Signing your Messages". DKIM is an enhanced protocol that evolved from the original DomainKeys protocol developed by Yahoo!.

Does LuxSci support VERP?

Yes! LuxSci offers support for VERP to help in your bounced message analysis. For more details, please read our FYI Blog article VERP now supported for High Volume Bounce Analysis.

When does my monthly sending limit reset exactly?

On the 1st of the next month at midnight (GMT).

Do I get additional sending limit warnings after my 90% warning? For example, do I get another warning for when I reach 95%, 99%, etc?

No. After the 90% warning, if you reach your limit, the only way to determine which emails successfully sent and the ones who didn't is to check your sent reports.