Will LuxSci co-sign my own BAA or do I have to use LuxSci’s BAA?

Will LuxSci co-sign my own BAA or do I have to use LuxSci's BAA?

LuxSci has constructed a Business Associate Agreement that is tailored to its services and what it provides in terms of HIPAA compliance. This agreement has been vetted by our lawyers and is used by all of our HIPAA customers for consistency in application, expectations, and training.

LuxSci does not sign individual Business Associate Agreements (BAA) provided by its customers. This is because of : (a) the time and cost it would involve to legally review each one, (b) the additional time and cost involved in ironing out differences in the contents of the customer's BAA and what LuxSci can and will agree to, and (c) having differing, individualized expectations and contracts with each customer would make security and privacy training, policies, and procedures complicated and thus increase the chance of error. Nobody wants to increase the chance of error with regards to the treatment of PHI.