Standard Shared Hosting: Limits on sending email from web sites

Do you limit the sending of email from web sites?

Yes. For anti-Spam reasons, we track the number of email messages sent by your web site scripts. You can view a daily summary or detailed auditing reports of email messages sent from your web site scripts. Each web site is limited to sending a certain maximum number of email messages per day (the default maximum is 500 messages). If your site exceeds this maximum, it will be blocked from sending additional messages for 24 hours. Additionally, you and our support department will be notified of this breach. Our support department and you will also be notified when you site gets “close” to its sending limit; the default warning threshold is 250 messages in one day.

The LuxSci support staff can adjust your sending limits as needed on a per-web site basis. However, you must indicate for what purpose the messages are being used, and your usage will be monitored. Use of web sites for sending Spam, bulk email, or unsolicited commercial email is strictly prohibited and grounds for account termination; this monitoring process is a proactive way to detect and catch accidental or malicious excessive outbound email activity.