July 27th, 2013

File Drag and Drop for WebMail, SecureLine, and File Manager

Upload single or multiple files via drag and drop from your desktop instead of clicking and selecting files individually.

Recent versions of most popular web browsers (including Internet Explorer v10+) include features that allow web sites to receive files dropped on them from your desktop and that allow web sites to upload these files in the background (e.g. while you are composing an email), giving you a progress bar so you can see how the upload is doing.

Indeed, drag and drop file uploads to web sites are becoming the “new normal” with the old method of clicking on individual file upload fields to select a file from your browser being “old school” for any place where files are frequently accessed.

Drag and Drop of Files at LuxSci

LuxSci has implemented drag and drop file uploads for:

  1. WebMail email composition
  2. LuxSci File Manager
  3. Sending email messages from SecureLine SecureSend
  4. Sending email messages replies from SecureLine Escrow

In each of these tools, you can upload files simply by selecting one or more files on your computer and dragging them into the web page (you will see a file upload image under the mouse pointer indicated you can upload).  You can also look for the “Drop files here” area and drop them in that clear landing zone:

Alternately, you can click on “Click to Select Files for Upload” to get a dialog box where you can select files directly from your computer like the old style individual file uploader.

When you select files, these are automatically uploaded to the server.  You can see via progress bars which files are successfully uploaded, those that are pending, and those that are in progress and what that progress is. You can be sure that all files are uploaded before you send your email, for example ( it doesn’t let you send if uploads are still in progress).

The old JAVA-based “bulk file upload” tool has been removed for users whose browser supports drag and drop uploads. Why?  That tool requires JAVA on the client side and is somewhat clunky.  Drag and drop uploads accomplish all of the same tasks that the new tool was added to implement — drag and drop or selection of many files at once, progress meters, etc.

What browsers support Drag and Drop?

Drag and drop file uploads will now be used by anyone using the following web browsers:

  1. Chrome v7+
  2. FireFox v4+
  3. Internet Explorer v10+
  4. Opera v12+ (except for Mac where their Opera version is buggy)
  5. Safari v6+

For all other web browsers, you will see the old style file upload controls.

What else is getting Drag and Drop?

In the coming weeks, LuxSci will be extending file drag and drop support to WebAides, so that it is quick and easy to upload attachments to blog, calendar, task, and other WebAide entries. In particular, we intend to make it blazingly fast to add files to your Documents WebAides … e.g. by merely dragging them from your computer into the Documents interface.

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