February 22nd, 2011

File Manager Now Supports Bulk Uploads and Downloads

LuxSci has updated its “File Manager” tool, which provides a secure web-based interface for managing files in a user’s “FTP Space”.  This tool is a good alternative to FTP when additional security and auditing is required or for file access without the need for a third party FTP (or SFTP) program is desirable.

The File Manager now allows bulk file uploads and downloads:

  • Bulk Upload: Use our JAVA applet to drag and drop files from your computer or to select many files for upload at once.  Watch the progress of the uploads.  Like our normal file upload process, you can choose to have uploaded compressed files (i.e. ZIP files, .tar.gz files, etc.) automatically uncompressed after upload, making it easy to upload large complex trees of files.
  • Bulk Download – Compressed File: Users can now select one or more files and/or directories and download them as a single compressed file (in “.tar.gz” format, readable on most systems). While there is a 512MB limit on how much data that can be downloaded in this way, it does provide a fast and simple way to download entire web sites and directory trees.
  • Bulk Download – JAVA Applet: Users can also choose to use our JAVA applet to download selected files in bulk.  Drag and drop to your computer or specify a directory to which to have them all saved. This method does not support the recursive download of directories, but will allow you to download files of any size and to watch the progress.

These features can be found in the “File Manager” tool located in the “web” menu of any LuxSci account with access to web/FTP file space.

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