February 21st, 2014

Free Secure Hosting of PDF Forms

Users of the LuxSci SecureForm processing service can now host their PDF forms for free as part of the SecureForm system.  With one click to upload your form, you get an SSL-protected web link that you can use to access your PDF form from anywhere … put it on your web site, email it to customers, etc.

  • Free storage: No charge for storing your PDF forms online.
  • Large forms: Store PDF forms up to 20MB in size … contact Support to store larger forms.
  • Unlimited access: No charge for downloads of your forms; no limit to how many times they can be downloaded.
  • Scalable, redundant, fast: Forms are stored redundantly on a large numbers of servers with the capacity to handle extremely large numbers of concurrent downloads without slowing down.. plus  inherent redundancy that keeps your forms available even in the face of server failures.
  • Secure: The web address to access your forms is secured via SSL.
  • Brandable.  The links all look like “https://secureform.luxsci.com/forms/…” unless you purchase Private Labeling with your own SSL certificate for your own domain name.  Then, these links can be your own domain, e.g. “https://your-domain.com/forms/…”

Hosting your PDF forms via LuxSci SecureForm has other significant benefits:

  1. HIPAA Compliant: Your form itself does not contain PHI, but it is good to load it over SSL, especially when the submitted data will contain PHI and will be submitted through the HIPAA-compliant SecureForm service.
  2. No site: You don’t need to set up your own web site.
  3. No SSL: You don’t need to purchase your own SSL certificate for secure access.
  4. Work around broken browser PDF support: Special headers are added to the PDF forms when they are downloaded, to force most web browsers to save them in a file rather than open then in a browser-specific PDF viewer.  This is important, as most PDF viewers included in web browsers (e.g. with Google Chrome) do not properly support PDF forms… so downloading the form and opening it in a proper PDF viewer (e.g. Acrobat) is the way to go anyway.  Having the PDF forms automatically download and save makes it much simpler for end users to access your forms via a program like Acrobat which works with PDF forms.

How do you get started with PDF form hosting?

If you are creating a new SecureForm, simply login to your LuxSci account and create a “new” PDF-based SecureForm. You will be given the option to upload your PDF form to the system.

If you have existing PDF-based SecureForm configurations set up, you can login and view/edit the configuration, click on “Form” in the left menu, click on “Edit These Settings” and then upload your new PDF form file.

In both cases, once you are done, you will be given a link to your newly hosted PDF form that you can use anywhere you like.  This link will be valid until:

  1. You upload a new PDF form to replace the one that you have there now (However, if you use the same name … the link will remain unchanged and remain valid.)
  2. You delete your SecureForm configuration.
  3. Your LuxSci account is closed.


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