May 13th, 2011

Free Service: Virtual Notes and Instant Access from Any Page

Happens all the time — the need to take notes while reading email, accessing your calendar, or performing other actions.  Taking notes is usually “too much work” unless they can be accessed instantly, auto-saved, and hidden when done.

Quick virtual note taking is included FREE with all LuxSci accounts … via LuxSci’s Notepad Widget.  Here is how it works.

The Notepad Widget

All LuxSci users have “Workspaces“, which are pages where the content is completely user-defined and customizable through the addition and configuration of “Widgets“.  Workspaces are also sharable … so multiple users can access the same space and collaborate.

Notepad Widgets can be added to the Workspaces of any LuxSci user.  Widgets provide editable areas on the screen that:

  • Automatically save any changes (no need to press a “Save” button).
  • Automatically merge changes concurrently made by multiple concurrent users of the same Workspace.
  • Support plain text or HTML
  • Are backed up for you on a daily and weekly basis

Notepad Widgets are great for adding one or more note areas to a Workspaces. However, some of their accessibility and usefulness comes when combined with LuxSci Widget Hotkeys.

Use Hotkeys For Instant Access

LuxSci users can assign arbitrary “hotkeys” to Widgets.  Once a hot key is assigned, users can pull up the Widget instantly from any page of LuxSci’s Members’ web interface (i.e. WebMail, calendars, administration, Help, any workspace, etc.).

To add a hotkey to a Notepad Widget (or any Widget):

  1. Click on the “menu” icon () in the upper right corner of the Widget in its Workspace.
  2. Choose “Quick Access Hotkey” from the menu
  3. Select a Hotkey for the Widget and press “Apply”.
  4. Press “Close”

Now, when you go to any page of the web interface, you can press that key combination and your Widget will instantly appear in an overlay of the current page — you do not have to leave what you are doing.  You can interact with it (i.e. view/take notes) and close it without losing your current work or page.

Taking Virtual Notes is Easy

  1. Create a Notepad Widget on any of your Workspaces.
  2. Assign a Hotkey to it.
  3. Access your notes from anywhere.

You can use Hotkeys to instantly access other Widgets to do things like:

  • Check for new email
  • View your calendar or tasks
  • Look up entries in an address book
  • Read an RSS feed
  • Even access a Custom Widget that does whatever you need.

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