5 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2023

January 5th, 2023

Happy New Year! A new year brings new challenges and opportunities for marketers to take their strategy to the next level. Here are some healthcare marketing trends you should consider adopting this year to meet your goals in 2023.

healthcare marketing trends

Email Marketing is Here to Stay

Healthcare providers face a challenging economic situation in 2023 and may be forced to cut marketing budgets. Although some advertising channels may be forced to take a hiatus, email marketing should not be one of them. Not only do patients want to receive marketing communications via email, but email marketing also delivers one of the best returns on investment.

email stats

Email marketing should remain part of your marketing strategy in 2023. There are ways to reduce costs and streamline processes to help you grow even more. 

Multichannel is Out; Omnichannel is In

Companies have realized the importance of reaching customers across various channels, including digital and traditional media. As a result, many have embraced a multichannel approach to their marketing campaigns, using social media, email, print and digital ads, and more to spread marketing messages. However, using multiple channels doesn’t mean the message is consistent across these channels. The difference between a multichannel marketing strategy and a truly omnichannel experience lies in the consistency and alignment of the messaging. Omnichannel marketing involves the integration of digital channels and traditional media to provide a consistent and personalized experience across all channels to drive marketing success. An omnichannel strategy considers all you know about a potential prospect to serve them with personalized messaging at the appropriate time on the right channel.

Email Personalization

Speaking of personalization, patients desire relevant communication from healthcare providers. In fact, a recent Salesforce study found that 73% of global consumers expect brands to cater to their unique needs and expectations. In healthcare, this presents a challenge because providers must comply with HIPAA regulations in their email communications. Luckily, with the right tools and patient permission, it’s possible to personalize emails to create relevant campaigns. When healthcare marketers have access to zero-party data from patients and the right tools to execute, it’s possible to go beyond practice newsletters to create campaigns that actually deliver results.

One bonus personalization tip- create emails that are culturally competent and use the patient’s preferred language. Healthcare communications should not leave anyone behind. With the right tools, it’s easier than ever to segment your audience based on their language preferences and create alternate content that resonates. Learn more about personalization techniques here.

Automation and Dynamic Content

Many marketers are turning to automation tactics to streamline operations in the face of increasing budgetary pressure. Advanced email marketers can use email APIs to trigger email campaigns when specific criteria are met and use dynamic content to personalize the email content. These tactics make email marketing scalable and ensure your audience receives the right communications at the right time. Expect to see more marketers embrace automation this year. 

Changing Metrics and Reporting Data

In 2023, open rates are becoming even more unreliable metrics. Apple Mail’s new privacy features and the increasing prevalence of email filtering and spam tools mean that marketers will need to rely on different metrics to judge the success of their campaigns. Tracking the clicks and what actions users take after receiving the email is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of your campaigns. Also, keeping email lists clean and removing unsubscribed and inactive users is more important than ever to keep your IP addresses off blacklists. 

What tactics will you be testing out in 2023?