July 26th, 2011

High Volume Bulk Email Service — Updated and Easier!

LuxSci has greatly revised its High Volume and Premium High Volume bulk mailing services based on customer feedback and people’s wish lists. We have made the pricing simple and straight forward and the service very flexible.

Basic High Volume Bulk Email

This service is for sending outbound email via SMTP. You can use it for corporate email, sending newlestters, smart hosting, and legitimate bulk mailing. The price is determined only by how many recipients you need to send to each month.  Prices range from $10/mo for 15,000 recipients/month to $240/mo for 200,000 recipients/month.  For larger quantities of recipients, we have dedicated servers starting at $250/month (with no setup fee).

Basic High Volume email sending includes many features.  Some of the most significant changes include:

  • No more daily sending limits — all sending limits are based on monthly usage.
  • Sending bandwidth no longer part of the price — instead of imposing variable sending limits based on the sizes of the messages sent, we now limit all non-dedicated accounts to 100GB/month of outbound email (the sum of the sizes of all messages sent to each recipient), this is way more than enough for most purposes and is only there to stop abuse.
  • All accounts get 100 users included. High Volume accounts can now create up to 100 users so as to divide up their sending limits and reporting as needed.
  • No per-user sending limits. By default, each user is not limited in how many recipients can be sent to each month.  However, the account as a whole is limited in the total number of recipients sent to by all users.  Once this account-wide limit is reached, sending for all users is stopped until the account is upgraded or until the next month begins.
  • Administrators can impose per-user sending limits. Account administrators of High Volume accounts can now optionally configure hard limits on the number of recipients/month each of their users can send to.  This allows them to control how much of the account’s overall quota can be used by each user in the account.
  • Pay-as-you-go Plan: Instead of signing up for a monthly subscription (i.e. $10/month for 15,000 recipients/month, recurring), accounts can now pre-pay for blocks of 50,000 recipients which can be used as needed, over the course of a year.  Each 50,000 recipient block is a one time charge of $75.00.  With a pay-as-you-go plan, there are no recurring fees.

Premium High Volume Email

Premium High Volume is now an option that can be added to new email hosting accounts (HIPAA or regular) with SMTP services.  With Premium High Volume, the account holder purchases (via monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go blocks) a recipient quota for all users in the account to use when sending mail via SMTP (email sent via WebMail is free and not included in this limit).

Premium High Volume allows legitimate bulk emailing together with many features such as

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Email Encryption
  • Outbound Email Archival
  • Email Content Scanning
  • Less restrictive “From Address” requirements
  • Integration with regular email services in the same account.

The pricing for Premium High Volume is

  • The price for a regular email and/or web hosting account, plus
  • The price for the Basic High Volume recipient limits needed (monthly or pay-as-you-go) times two.

For example, a $10/mo email account with a 15,000 recipients per month Premium High Volume sending limit would be $10 + 2x $10 = $30/mo.

Premium High Volume has changed in that it can now be added as an upgrade option to new email and/or web hosting accounts (you cannot upgrade accounts to Premium High Volume after ordering, as these accounts are provisioned on special servers setup for bulk mailing).

Dedicated High Volume Servers

LuxSci has a new standardized offering of dedicated servers for High Volume sending.  These servers can be ordered directly from our High Volume ordering tool.

The pricing for Basic High Volume Dedicated Servers is based only on the limit of recipients/month needed.  There is no setup fee, but there is a requirement of paying for both the first and last month’s service up front (i.e. minimum 2-month commitment).

Pricing for these servers starts at $250/mo for 500,000 recipients/month and goes up.  For more than 20 million recipients/month, custom quotes are required.

Existing Customers

The accounts of existing High Volume and Premium High Volume customers have been automatically modified to follow the new features:

  • All Basic High Volume accounts now have 100 user licenses they can use to make more users
  • All daily usage limits have been removed
  • Monthly recipient limits have been set to match the maximum number of recipients the accounts could possibly have sent to before.  (i.e. if you had 10,000 recipients 5 days a week, your limit now is 50,000 recipients/month with no daily limit).

As the pricing levels and tiers have all changed, existing High Volume and Premium High Volume accounts will be manually updated to current pricing levels if/when they need to upgrade or downgrade their accounts.  I.e. the upgrade tools for recipient limits and users will make a support ticket for billing review rather than making the changes immediately.

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