HIPAA: A Crash Course

Published: July 25th, 2012

LuxSci has written much about how HIPAA and HITECH impacts various aspects of your online business over the years.  Here we bring together most of these discussions into a framework that makes it easy for you to find and read about the aspects of HIPAA most relevant and interesting to you.

HIPAA In General

HIPAA Compliance Checklist: What You Need To Do

HIPAA Alert: Contacts, Calendar Events and Tasks may contain ePHI!

HIPAA HITECH 2010 and Omnibus Impact

How the HIPAA Omnibus Rule Affects Email, Web, FAX, and Skype

HIPAA 2010: HITECH Impact on Email and Web Outsourcing

More and More Companies need HIPAA Compliance due to Changing Regulations

HIPAA Has Teeth and They are Long and Sharp – Don’t Get Bitten

HIPAA and Email

What HIPAA Says about Email Security

Is Blackberry HIPAA Compliant? What You Need To Know

Gmail – Not HIPAA Compliant Email

Does sending email using BCC make it HIPAA Compliant?

Case Study: Securely Send Medical Laboratory Results to Patients

The Case For Email Security

SMTP TLS: All About Secure Email Delivery over TLS

HIPAA and Web Sites / Web Hosting

 What Makes a Web Site HIPAA-Secure?

Secure Web Pages and Web Forms: What You Need to Know

HIPAA-Compliant Web Sites: Requirements and Best Practices

HIPAA and Text Messaging

Is Text Messaging HIPAA Compliant?


How To Send and Receive FAXes in a Secure and Compliant Way

HIPAA and Portable Drives, Jump Drives, Laptops

Jump/Thumb Drives and PHI Don’t Mix

Your Documents – Online, Secured, and Shared


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