May 2nd, 2011

How to Avoid Public Cloud Server Email Blacklists

The deliverability of email messages sent from public cloud servers is a real problem. Public cloud servers are generally on black lists and grey lists and there is not much that can be done to prevent that …. it’s the nature of the public cloud.

If you need to send outbound email from a public cloud server, you can sidestep blacklisting  and improve deliverability by using an outbound email service and smarthosting your messages though “clean” non-cloud servers.  In short:

  • Get a Good Outbound Email Service: Sign up for a service that provides secure, authenticated, and reliable outbound email relaying via SMTP (such as LuxSci High Volume Outbound Email) …
  • Scrub Your Emails: Ensure that this service has an “IP masking” or “IP anonymization” feature which will remove all traces of the IP address of your originating cloud server from your outbound email messages …
  • And Send All Email Though the Smarthost: Configure your cloud server’s mail server (i.e. Postfix or Sendmail or Exchange) to forward all outbound email though this service’s SMTP servers (instead of trying to deliver them directly).  This is called “smart hosting“.

Smart Hosting

  • Is seamless: It does not require any changes to any of the software running on your cloud server, except for the mail server configuration update.
  • Sidesteps blacklists: By removing your cloud server’s IP address information from the outbound messages, recipient spam filters cannot know that the message originated in the cloud and cannot penalize you.
  • Gets you the good reputation and support of the email service: You messages are associated with the IP reputation of the email service you are sending through and of their physical (non-cloud servers). You also get customer support that can help you track messages and assist you with any delivery problems that you may still experience, i.e. you won’t have to troubleshoot problems yourself.

If you are sending important email from a cloud server, to avoid the risk of your emails getting blocked by spam filtering services due to poor IP reputation, you should consider smart hosting through LuxSci’s High Volume Outbound Email service.

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