September 14th, 2012

Improve Your Workflow: Free Notepad Widgets and “Send To”

Take notes on the fly; have them auto-saved; send them where you need them easily.  That’s what its about.

All LuxSci users can add “Notepad Widgets” to the “Workspaces” that they have once logged into the LuxSci web interface.

Simple: Click on the notepad area and start typing.

  • Your input is auto-saved – no need to remember to save changes
  • Use plain text or HTML notepads for simple or more complex notes
  • Share your notepads with other users (by sharing the Workspaces they are in) — allow others read-only or read-write access
  • Works great even if multiple people are editing the same notes at the same time — everyone’s changes are automatically merged and propagated to everyone else’s screen.

Workflow Improvements with “Send To”

We have added a new “Send To” button to the bottom of your Notepad Widgets.  Pressing this displays several options for quickly sending the current content of your Notepad to common destinations:

  1. Email: Pop open a new email composition window with the notes pre-loaded into the message body
  2. Printer: Print only the contents of the Notepad.
  3. Blog: Make a new WebAides Blog posting with the Notepad content as the body.  You specify the title and the particular blog to use; no need to navigate to the Blogs user interface or even open a Blog Composition window.
  4. Note: Make a new WebAides Notes note card with the Notepad content as the body.  You specify the title and the particular WebAide Notes to use; no need to navigate to the Notes user interface or even open a Note Composition window.

Don’t forget Hot Key Access!

Notepad Widgets, like all LuxSci Widgets, can be tied to user-defined “hot key combinations”.  When the hot key is pressed, the Notepad widget is displayed in an overlay on whatever page of LuxSci you are using.


  1. You define a “hot key combination” or “Alt-N” (N for “Notes”).
  2. While reading an interesting email, you press “Alt-N”
  3. The Notepad widget loads up in an overlay over top of your email
  4. You can add/edit notes (the changes are auto-saved)
  5. You close the notes overlay (click on an “X”) and continue where you left off with your email.

Use whatever hot keys you like and access your notes from anywhere.

Automatic Drafts

You can use your Notepads to make “Drafts” of email messages, blogs, and other notes — drafts that are auto-saved, quickly accessible, and which persist across sessions.  When you are done, use “Send To” to quickly convert your draft into an actual email, blog post, or note.

Yes, LuxSci WebMail does auto-save your new email messages to your Drafts folder for you — but you have to be in the composer actually working on a message for this feature.  With Notepad Widgets, you don’t have to go into email composition until you are done and you can instantly access your draft content from any page of LuxSci.

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