August 20th, 2004

Improved Email Searching

LuxSci has completely revamped the facility for searching email folders. The email folder search tools are now conveniently located directly in pages listing your email messages.

  • The “basic search” finds specified text anywhere in any message in the email folder.
  • The “advanced search” feature allows you to search any (ANDed) combination of:
    • For text anywhere in the message
    • For text in the subject
    • For text in the body
    • For text or addresses in the To or Cc fields
    • For text in the From field.
    • Based on a range of total message sizes
    • For text in a specified email header
    • Based on the date or date range when the message was sent
    • Based on the presence or absence of flags such as: has the message been replied to, has the message been read, has the message been flagged, and has the message been deleted.
  • Search results appear simply as a subset view of messages in the selected email folder.
  • Search results are preserved allowing you to perform many actions on your search result set without having to re-search.

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