Improved HIPAA Certification Seal

Published: November 13th, 2010

LuxSci’s HIPAA Certification Seal is an image that HIPAA accounts can place on their web sites and/or include in their email signatures to show that their email and/or web forms are HIPAA compliant.  Clicking on the LuxSci HIPAA Seal takes one to a custom LuxSci page certifying that the customer is using specific LuxSci security services for compliance reasons.

What is new?

  • Customers with email addresses can choose to have those addresses listed as HIPAA-compliant email addresses. Previously, users with could not have an email-related HIPAA Seal.
  • Customers can configure individual HIPAA Certification Seals to display only HIPAA-Compliance for Email, HIPAA-Compliance for Secure Forms, or both.
  • The custom HIPAA certification page has been updated to look even better.

HIPAA customers can configure their HIPAA Compliance Seals and get the HTML for them using the HIPAA Seal Widget in their account administration areas.  They can also see reports on who as clicked on their seals and from wheat web pages in their account Reports area.

Example Seal

Here is what an example HIPAA certification Seal looks like.  Click on it to see what an example certification page looks like.

LuxSci helps ensure HIPAA-Compliance for email and web services.

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