November 8th, 2008

Improved WebMail Address Book Functionality

LuxSci has introduced several updates to the functionality of its WebAide Address Books interface. 

In the standard AJAX-based portal:

  • The name of the address book to which an entry belongs is now displayed in the detail view.
  • The name of the address book to which an entry belongs can optionally be added as a column in the address book entry list view.
  • Sorts now include a secondary sort by title for usability.
  • Users can now easily make links to the currently selected set of address books. 
  • The navigation and search area of the screen has been simplified so that it is more compact and more useful.

The Xpress interface for address books now:

  • Color-codes entries based on their tags
  • Includes the list of tags on an entry in the list and detail views
  • Has an improved interface for enhanced usability

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