June 21st, 2008

Improved WebMail User Interface

Improved User Interface: WebMail now features a new user interface designed to make it easier to customize the look and feel of your email. Rather than going into their preferences, users can now simply drag and drop to change what they see, with tabbed options to easily hide and show the email folder tree, message list, and message preview screens.
Improved Message Composition Interface: When composing a message, users now use a tabbed interface to go between the main message, attachments, options, and templates. The BCC line and the "More Options" areas are now automatically available via tab, instead of only through the preferences menu. Options for text, HTML, or advanced HTML messages are also tabbed, providing a more streamlined composition window, without any loss of functionality.
Improved Help Guide Interface: The Help guide now uses the same LuxSci UI to ease changing its appearance to meet your criteria. Settings for the folder tree automatically match those in the mail WebMail email view, so your folder tree is always the right size. Information that is important or personalized to a user’s account will now be marked with a grey background for better visibility.
Full Support for Opera v9.5: Opera users will find that the new WebMail changes will be fully supported for their client.
Visual Settings: Now when composing messages, users can quickly see and change the message importance and SecureLine settings. Moving between messages in the message pane will also work more intuitively; moving to the previous/next message will continue beyond the current group of messages, rather than simply stopping.

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