February 15th, 2002

International WebMail Features

  • Reading Email: Read email containing text in any language or multiple languages. The text will always be displayed correctly.
  • Write Email: Write email containing text (in the subject and body) from any language or even from multiple languages. Respond to email containing text in any language. You can choose the character set the email is encoded in or use Unicode.
  • Translate Your Email: Automatically translate email (and help) containing text in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish text into any of the other of these languages automatically using built-in machine translation technologies.
  • International Email Fully Supported by our autoresponders, bulk email tool, SPAM filtering, Remote POP email downloader, and all other email-related tools. Complete compliance with the designated character sets and automatic upgrading to UTF-8 when necessary to correctly preserve the content of all languages present.
  • Time zone: Select your preferred time zone in which all dates and times will be displayed.
  • Language: Select your preferred language to have the contents of the member’s web site displayed in. We are currently working to translate the web site from English to several different languages including: Chinese, Russian, and French. You could join our translation team! Contact us if you are interested in helping us translate the web site into any language. Online translation management tools and translation history tracking tools are provided.
  • Date and Time: Choose your preferred formatting for dates and times.

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