March 29th, 2009

IP Restrictions for Public WebAide Feed Security

LuxSci users with Blogs, Links, Notes and Documents WebAides can publish the information in these tools as a public RSS 2.0 feed.  Similarly, LuxSci users can publish their Calendars as a public iCal file.  These public files can be password protected.

However, it is often the case that when automating data transfer (i.e. having your Blog show up as a page in your internal Wiki) the programs that read the RSS and/or iCal feed might not support password protection. So, how can you ensure privacy and security without using password protection?

Now, users can restrict access to their public RSS and iCal files to specified IP addesses and CIDR blocks.  So, for example, users from other Internet addresses will never be permitted access to your content.  This gives you privacy without the need for a password, as long as the trusted IPs should have full read access.  For further security, you can access these files over SSL so that the data, when transmitted, is not readable by anyone else.  You can also combine password protection and IP address restriction.

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