March 6th, 2013

LuxSci Affiliate Program Reloaded: Commissions up to 20% for Life!

LuxSci’s Affiliate Program has been available since 2004.  We have great relationships with many Affiliates and value the customers that they refer to us.  Our Affiliates are a great resource for us in terms of new ideas, new customers, and general vitality and energy.  To recognize this, we have redesigned our Affiliate program to significantly reward and encourage our Affiliates, both new and old, going forward.

Under our new program, you can earn much higher commissions and you can earn them for as long as your referees remain customers of LuxSci.

How the New Affiliate Program Works

The new Affiliate program is quite simple:

  1. Sign up to become an Affiliate.
  2. Login to the Affiliate Portal
    1. Update information on how we should pay you commissions: Check, PayPal, or as a credit to your LuxSci account
    2. Make “Special Offer Codes” to give to your referrals.  Referrals can use these codes when ordering to (a) become associated with you so you get commissions, and (b) optionally you can give them some of your commission percentage as a discount on their LuxSci services.
    3. Get Links and Banners to add to your web site or other marketing materials.  Anyone who clicks through one of these links and then signs up with LuxSci (using the same browser) will be associated with you and you will get commissions.
  3. We pay you commissions on all active referred accounts for as long as they remain active at LuxSci … even if this is many years.
  4. The commission we pay you — from 5% to 20% — depends upon the total value of the active accounts that you have referred.
  5. We pay you you commissions monthly, subject to a $25 minimum payment.

The key points are:

  • You get commissions on all active referred accounts for as long as they stay with LuxSci.
  • As you refer more and larger accounts, your tier changes and your commission rate on ALL referred accounts grows.

What will your Commission Percentage be?

Your Commission Percentage is a function of the total Monthly Value of all of the accounts that you have referred to LuxSci which are still active customers.

The “Monthly Value” of an account is the sum of the price to the customer for:

  • All recurring monthly charges
  • All recurring yearly charges (divided by 12)

If you sum this up across all active referred accounts, you get the total Monthly Value of your referrals.  The larger this value, the larger your Commission Percentage:

Total Monthly Value Commission Percentage
$0 — $49.99 5%
$50 — $499.99 10%
$500 — $4999.99 15%
$5000 + 20%

What will your Commission be?

When any of your referred customers has been issued a billing statement and they have paid that statement in full, you get credited a commission.  How much is this?

  1. We look at each line item in the customer’s billing statement and see what it is for and what the customer was charged.
  2. For some items, you get a “Full Commission”; for others you get a “Half Commission”.
  3. For Full Commission items, you get credited the customer’s charge times your Commission Percentage
  4. For Half Commission items, you get credited the customer’s charge times half of your Commission Percentage
  5. Some items generate no commission … these are one-off paid hourly work by LuxSci staff or contractors.

We differentiate Full and Half Commission items due to the different costs involved in various services sold by LuxSci — we have more margin on the Full Commission items to give you more credit than we do on Half Commission items.

The table below indicates what types of services fall into each commission class:

Full Commission Half Commission No Commission
  • Base account fees
  • Disk space
  • Users: POP, IMAP, WebMail, SMTP
  • Basic Spam Filtering
  • WebAides
  • SecureLine
  • SecureForm
  • High Volume Shared
  • Premium High Volume Shared
  • Private Labeling
  • HIPAA compliance fee
  • Managed email migration
  • Dedicated servers
  • Premium Email Filtering
  • Premium Email Archival
  • MobileSync
  • SSL Certificates
  • IP Addresses
  • Domain Registrations
  • DNS
  • Consulting work
  • Custom development
  • Training calls and classes
  • Other one-time fees for special requests

Example 1: You have referred $10,000 in Monthly Value for many LuxSci customers over time. You thus have a 20% Commission Percentage. If one of your referees purchases something for $100, you would get $20 commission if that item is “Full Commission” or $10 if that item is “Half Commission”.

Example 2: You have referred $10,000 in Monthly Value for many LuxSci customers over time. You thus have a 20% Commission Percentage. You used a Special Offer Code to grant a referee a 5% discount on his LuxSci services. You thus have a 15% effective Commission Percentage for that customer. If that customer purchased something with a retail value of $100, then the customer pays $95 if the item is Full Commission or $97.50 if it is half commission (Discounts work in the same way as Commissions). You get a commission of 15% of $95 = $14.25 if it is “Full Commission”, or 7.5% of $97.50 = $7.31 if it is “Half Commission”.

Example 3: Affiliate with a 5% Commission Percentage makes a Special Offer code for a customer with a 10% discount. This customer signs up with LuxSci. Affiliate does not get any commission on this referral until the Affiliate’s Commission Percentage becomes 15% or higher.  Yes, you can grant up to a 10% discount to your referees, even if your Commission Percentage is only 5% … we do not penalize you for that – we want you to get the referral and will pay you commissions later.

The Affiliate Portals gets a Fresh Look

We admit it, our Affiliate Portal was getting kind of stale looking!  We have re-designed it with a fresh look using many of the modern interface tools we have in our regular Web Interface. Some of the significant improvements include:

  • Affiliates can change their login email address
  • Many security improvements to the user interface
  • Affiliates can now see reports on who all of their referred customers are, what the Monthly Value of these customers are, and if they are still active or not.
  • Reports are searchable, sortable, and downloadable.
  • Updated banner graphics (soon)

Login to the Affiliate Portal

How Does the New Program Differ from the Old One?

The most significant differences include:

Old Program New Program
  • 10% commission, always
  • Commissions on a referral stop after 1 year
  • Only services in the “Full Commission” list, above, resulted in commissions
  • Threshold for paying you for your accumulated commissions: $15
  • Higher Commissions: Commission starts at 5% and ramps up to 20%
  • Longer Commissions: Commissions on a referral last as long as the referral remains an active LuxSci customer
  • Commissions on More Services: Commissions now granted on services in the “Half Commission” list above
  • Threshold for paying you for your accumulated commissions: $25

What about Existing Affiliates?

Affiliates accounts created under the Old Program have been automatically migrated to the new program.  This means:

  1. Their Commission Percentage is now computed based on the New Program formula.
  2. The total Monthly Value used to compute their Commission Percentage is based on all accounts that they have ever referred which are still active.
  3. Commissions are now granted on all services eligible for commissions under the New Program (e.g. they now get commissions on everything in the “Half Commission” category … things for which commissions previously were not granted).
  4. All existing Special Offer Codes and referral links still work
Under the Old Program, commissions on a referred account ended 1 year after the account signed up.  As a result, Old Affiliates:
  • Will not get commissions for accounts that signed up before March 1st, 2012 (more than 1 year before the New Program began).  Commissions on these accounts have expired under the Old Program.
  • Commissions on accounts that signed up on or after March 1st, 2012 are promoted to the New Program and the Affiliates will receive commissions on these accounts for as long as they remain active at LuxSci.
If you are an existing Affiliate, we recommend that you login to your Affiliate portal and see who you have referred, what their status is, and what your Commission Percentage is.  You can then review and update your Special Offer Codes and web site links for continued successful referrals.

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