March 12th, 2013

LuxSci Affiliates can Register their Referral Opportunities for Easier Commissions

LuxSci Affiliates receive commissions on referrals of new customers of LuxSci … up to 20% for the life of the referred customer’s new account.

To get the commission, the Affiliate’s account needs to be linked to the referred customer’s account.  In the past, there were only 3 ways to do this:

  1. Give the customer a special code to enter into the ordering wizard
  2. Have the customer click on a link to get to our site.  The resulting tracking cookie is captured by LuxSci during the ordering process.
  3. Contact LuxSci Sales after the fact and request manual linking after proving that the customer was referred by you.

These are all very good and useful mechanisms, however:

  • Some affiliates don’t want to make their customers use a code (its extra work)
  • Some affiliates don’t want customers to know that they are going to get a commission from their new account
  • Even if you give a referral opportunity a code or a link, there is no way to guarantee that it will be used!
  • It can be a lot of work to track sign ups and contact Sales after the fact.

To simplify the referral and tracking process, LuxSci Affiliates can now register “Opportunities”.  

Registering Opportunities

In the LuxSci Affiliate Portal, Affiliates will find a new “Opportunities” area.  Therein, they can add/edit/search/view their referral Opportunities.  An “Opportunity” is:

  • The contact information for a person or organization that might sign up with LuxSci based on your referral.
  • It includes information LuxSci will use to automatically match with new customer signups

For example, you could register an Opportunity with Federal Express:

  • Enter one or two versions of the company name: “Federal Express” and “FedEx” (as you don’t know what they will use when they sign up)
  • Enter up to three people at FedEx that might be the person listed in the new customer order (first name, last name, email address)
  • Enter the address that may be used with the order

How it works

When your contact at Federal Express signs up with LuxSci, s/he will enter contact information including: name, email, alternate email, mailing address, etc.

When LuxSci provisions the new customer account, this information is compared automatically to that of all registered Affiliate Opportunities and ranked based on how well the information matches up.  LuxSci then manually checks to ensure that, if there is a match, that it is specific and really matches the person/persons listed.  If it does, then the new LuxSci account will be associated with the Affiliate account that had that registered Opportunity.

The Benefits:

Registered Opportunities allow Affiliates to

  1. Get commissions even if their referrals do not use a special offer code or link
  2. Get commissions on people that you casually refer to LuxSci
  3. Protect your time investment and ensure that your referrals are properly linked to your account.


  1. Be sure to provide as much detailed information in each Opportunity as possible.  This will maximize the possibility of matching back and make it easier for LuxSci to be sure a new customer relates to your Opportunity.
  2. Opportunities expire after 180 days … However, if you edit an opportunity, it is “renewed” for another 180 days from that point.
  3. You cannot give your referral any discount on his/her services via an Opportunity — they need to use a Special Offer Code to get a discount.
  4. Opportunities are never used when customers come in via a Special Offer Code or a referral link/cookie which already links them to a specific Affiliate.


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