June 27th, 2011

LuxSci “Basic Infrastructure” for Inexpensive Disk Space

LuxSci continues to offer premium shared email and web hosting services on premium servers in a premium data center for the best possible performance, security, and privacy.  This has the unfortunate side effect of making some of the services more expensive than if they were offered via a less premium environment.  In particular, the per-gigabyte cost of disk space.

In order to offer better pricing options to customers who need large amounts of disk space and who are able to be a bit less restrictive on security, privacy, and reliability, LuxSci now offers new customers a choice of “Premium” and “Basic Server Environments“.

  • Basic Environment: Provides low cost disk space (15 GB included, upgrade in 5 GB blocks)
  • Premium Environment: Provides a better SLA, better privacy policy, better security, and higher reliability.

What is the difference?

The price of an account is the same, up to the cost of disk space upgrades

  • Basic – $0.70/GB
  • Premium – $2.00/GB.

and the amount of disk space included with an account

  • Basic – 15 GB included
  • Premium – 5 GB included

To see the differences between Basic and Premium Environments in detail, see: Basic and Premium Compared.

When Ordering:

To order an account in the “Basic Server Environment” , simply select “Basic Servers” when ordering or click on the “Server Environment” line item in the order to edit and switch between Basic and Premium.

Note that only regular email and web hosting accounts are eligible for the Basic Environment. HIPAA, High Volume, SecureForm Standalone, and Filtering and/or Archival Standalone accounts are only available  in the Premium Environment.

What About Existing Customers?

All existing shared hosting customers are using the Premium Server Environment.  Existing customers who wish to transfer to the Basic Environment to take advantage of the lower disk space pricing can do so with the following considerations:

  • The server names used for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access will change, requiring  changes to email programs
  • Web sites will have their IPs changed, causing minimal down time
  • Web site databases will be moved and the database host names will change — requiring possible updates to web site configurations
  • All contract pricing will be re-written to that which we offer new customers
  • WebAides will be migrated to the Basic Environment

Note: HIPAA customers and customers using SecureLine Escrow cannot be migrated to the Basic Environment.

If the Basic Environment is an option that you would like to consider,  please open a Support Ticket and we will let you know your new pricing and if there are any specific issues related to your account regarding migration.


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