October 26th, 2012

LuxSci Enhancements: Highlights of Recent Minor Updates

The LuxSci development team is constantly adding to and improving the LuxSci experience.  Sometimes this comes in the form of big changes, such as the recent addition of customer-configurable firewalls or “watching” WebAides to be informed of updates and changes to files, blogs, calendars, etc.  Other times, it comes in the form of many smaller changes.  Below, we list many of the recent changes that you may not have noticed but might find useful.

Custom Email Filters

  • Custom Subjects for Notices.  When creating custom email filters that send you an email or SMS notification upon arrival of certain kinds of email messages, you can now customize the subject of these notices.  For HIPAA customers, such notifications will no longer preserve the subject of the original message and the “from” address will also no longer preserve the original sender’s address, for health privacy reasons.

WebMail and WebAides

  • Hot Key to Send an Email. When composing an email message in LuxSci WebMail, you can now press Ctrl-Enter to send the message.  This works just like clicking on the “Send” button.
  • Password Storage Improved. The Passwords WebAide no longer displays your passwords in plain text on the screen until you explicitly ask it to.  It also allows you to copy the password directly to your clipboard to eliminate copy and paste errors.
  • Broken PDFs from Apple. We have noticed that some companies, like Apple, send emailed PDF receipts of purchases but incorrectly format the PDF attachments, making them look like plaintext messages.  We have compensated for their bug — WebMail now displays such PDFs properly even if the attachment is improperly specified as plaintext.
  • Pop-Up Window Size and Placement. The position and size of pop-up windows (e.g. Compose new email, Edit Address Book Entry) are now memorized in your browser. If a pop-up window is re-opened, it will now be placed in the same location and with the same size as the last time you used it in that browser.  This provides customization of window size and consistency of positioning for better workflow and desktop organization.
  • Notepad Widgets. The “Send To” option memorizes the last WebAide that you sent your notes to. As a result, using a Notepad Widget to repeatedly compose and save Blog or Note WebAide entries is more efficient.
  • WebAide Groups.  The simple real-time search in WebAide User Groups now includes searching across the users in the group, as this is perhaps the most common kind of search performed on groups.
  • WebAide Calendars. The current day is now highlighted in most calendar views.
  • WebAides and WebMail are Faster.  We have made some changes so that WebAides and WebMail are faster by using more aggressive browser-based caching of previously loaded data.
  • WebMail Compose and Sent Email Folders: When replying to a message in your sent email folders, the “To” address is no longer your own email address, but the address that the saved sent email message was originally addressed. This mimics the behavior of the “Edit as New” WebMail command.
  • WebAide Auditing and Encryption. For HIPAA customers (and anyone using our Maximal Security settings), WebAide entry auditing and encryption settings are now enabled by default and enforced for all supporting WebAides (e.g. Passwords, Documents, and Blogs).
  • Delete All Matching Emails Easily.  If you have a large email folder and want to delete a large number of messages matching some specific search criteria, we’ve streamlined the process.  Once you have searched for the messages, you can press “Message > Delete All” and choose to delete all search results (no matter how many there are or if they span many pages of email messages).   It’s now very easy to eliminate large numbers of unwanted messages.


  • Email Delivery Status Update Emails.  These can now be sent more frequently — up to once every 15 minutes instead of once every hour. Read more.


  • Improved branding. SecureForm Customers with Private Labeling who have their form posts saved to WebAide Documents now have branded links to retrieve these saved posts when WebAides are branded with their vanity domain names.  This removes “luxsci.com” from the links.


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