April 12th, 2010

LuxSci Feature Updates

We have released several minor, but useful feature updates today.  These include:

  • New Email More Visible: When you have new messages in your current email folder in WebMail, not only will the “get email” button slowly pulsate, but now the title of the window will slowly alternate text indicating that “New Messages Have Arrived”.  This makes the presence of new messages visible even if your window is minimized or if WebMail is not in the active tab of your web browser.
  • Empty Trash Tool Bar Command: A new “Empty Trash” tool bar command is available for adding to your WebMail tool bar.  If you find yourself performing this action frequently, you may want to add this tool bar command via your Preferences.
  • Auto-Responder Reply-To address: The “Reply-to” email address for email auto-responders is no longer “mailnull@luxsci.net”; it is now the same as your configured “From” address.  This means that “luxsci.net” will not show up in your auto-responders (unless that is part of your email address), and it means that replies to your auto-responders can make it back to you.
  • Preferences: The User Preferences pages in the LuxSci web interface have been updated to look better, be easier to navigate, and to make it easier to find the more popular preferences.
  • SecureForm: The SecureForm service for securely emailing  the results of secure form posts to you has been augmented.  You can now have any kind of file pre-filled and emailed to you with the form data filled in your configured place holders.  I.e. upload XML, RSS, Text, HTML, or other file types with place holders where your form data should be placed.  These place holders will be replaced with your form data and the resulting file emailed to you.To use this feature, simply follow the same instructions for pre-filling an HTML file and use the “pre-filled HTML” file option with your arbitrary file type.

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