November 6th, 2010

LuxSci Gets a Fresh Look

LuxSci has finished updating its Web Interface, giving it a much more modern look via use of some technologies present in most modern web browsers, like Google Chrome, FireFox 3.6+, Safari, Opera 10, and Internet Explorer 9.

The web interface:

  • Now is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome for Mac
  • Is fastest in Google Chrome, out of all available web browsers
  • Looks best in: Google Chrome, FireFox 3.6+, or Safari 5
  • Still looks pretty good in Opera 10 and Internet Explorer 9
  • Looks fine in other supported browsers (the interface is backwards compatible with older technologies) like Internet Explorer 6-8, Opera 9, FireFox 2+, and older supported versions of Safari.


  • Private Labeled WebMail Themes have been enhanced to look better.  If you have an existing Private Labeled theme that has not been updated in some time, we would recommend running the “Look and Feel” wizard on it to reset it to the most recent styles.  You will appreciate the improvement!
  • Hide Toolbar Icons: A new preference has been added that allows users to remove the large icons from the various toolbars in WebMail, WebAides, and Account Administration — without removing all other useful icon usage.  Without toolbar icons, the toolbars are much smaller and simpler.  If you would like ti make this change, go to “My Preferences > General > Look and Feel” and uncheck “Display large icons in the toolbar buttons?”

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