August 27th, 2012

LuxSci HIPAA Services a Perfect Fit for Home Health Care Agencies

LuxSci’s HIPAA-compliant email services (see overview video) are a big hit in many different sectors, from legal, to accounting, to the myriad facets of the health care industry.  Why? Because it ensures security and compliance, enables privacy, is easy to use, and integrates well with traditional work flows.

As a case in point, we see that many “Home Health Care” companies find the breadth of our services a particularly good fit for them — enabling them to communicate quickly, efficiently, and securely while everyone is on the go.

Instant On-the-go Access

LuxSci’s Premium Mobile Sync service (overview video) is a HIPAA-compliant way to have real-time access to your shared calendars, contacts, and tasks from your mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Android, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) while visiting reote offices or patient residences.

Mobile Sync also offers “push email” so that you are notified in real time of new email messages and so that you can respond to them immediately in a secure and compliant manner.

One nurse, armed with her iPad, can communicate, schedule, and look up contact information anywhere and anytime, even when ePHI may be involved.

Business as Usual for Email Between Employees

Secure email to patients and third parties is quick and easy with LuxSci SecureLine (overview video), though it may require them to “pick up” their secure message in your secure messaging portal for compliance reasons.

For messages between employees in your organization, it’s business as usual with LuxSci’s support for “TLS” for email delivery.  SMTP TLS allows your messages to be automatically encrypted and compliant during transmission and delivery.  However, access to these messages through LuxSci WebMail or through your own email programs and devices (e.g. iPhone, Outlook, Mac Mail, Android, etc.) is through your regular, familiar programs and Apps.  Sending and receiving complaint inter-company email is automatic, seamless, and invisible.

Obvious Email Security for Patients and Third Parties

LuxSci’s “Escrow” service for delivering secure email messages to arbitrary third party addresses ensures:

  • Messages are delivered in a secure, compliant manner — no matter what  email system the recipient uses (AOL, gmail, … no problem)
  • Audit trails, SSL security, and PGP encryption ensure compliance
  • The email security is clear and obvious to the recipient, who are often a patient or a patient’s family members.

Web-Based Compliant File Storage

WebAides — LuxSci’s suite of collaboration tools (overview video) — provides online HIPAA compliant storage for files.  Store and share documents, worksheets, forms, and patient records so they can be easily transferred to/from field staff, accessed from the office or home, and backed up — all without resorting to the hazards of storing such information on jump drives and laptops.

Secure Web Forms for Data Collection

Easily created web site forms can capture data efficiently and securely from any connected laptop or tablet, no matter where the worker is.

Your worksheets, evaluation forms, permission forms, visit logs, and more can all be made into web site forms which post the data securely through LuxSci SecureForm (overview video) for redundant online storage, secure emailing, and more.

SecureForm’s “Ink Signatures” feature allows you to capture written signatures as well — e.g. sign the form using a stylus on an iPad or Android tablet and have the form data and signature(s) be collected and stored online and/or securely emailed to specific addresses for processing.

Branded: Make Our Tools Your Own

Your patients and correspondents may need to pick up secure email messages at our portal; your employees will access our web interface and configure their email programs with our server names; users of your SecureForms have their form data posted to our servers.

With our Private Labeling service (overview video) , you can customize all of the web portals to look like your organization through you choice of fonts and colors and the addition of your logos.  You can go much further and brand the URLs of these sites and the security certificates used so that there is no mention of “LuxSci” anywhere — it looks like your company’s own online system.


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