April 4th, 2012

LuxSci: Safe Email – No Zombies

We have been deliberating what constitutes the essence of LuxSci recently.  We have many features and services and have grown considerably over the years.  Saying what we do and what sets us apart succinctly has become an increasing challenge.

In the end, it came down to skipping our long list of features and services and all of the adjectives that we feel describe ourselves and our goals, and focusing on the fundamentals:

LuxSci = The Light of Knowledge

LuxSci is short for Lux Scientiae, which means “The Light of Knowledge” in Latin.

Our company name is at the core of our business model — we train our employees well and continuously, focusing on our services, product development, and especially our technical support, from the vantage of knowledge.

Our support staff knows what they are doing, has years of experience, and can address and resolve issues quickly and accurately.

LuxSci is not a huge company and we have very low employee turnover. The result is lots of long term employees with a wealth of experience who are invested in our company and our customers.

We often have customers laud us on our prompt and accurate support and suggest that we train other companies in how support should be run.

Our operations and development staff use this same knowledge to ensure that our services work and are resilient and secure.

Safe Email – No Zombies!

This second concept is a bit in jest, but underscores the basis of what we provide – solid, secure email solutions.

Safe Email!

No Zombies!

  • No outsourced technical support
  • Our support staff actually reads and responds to all issues
  • No infected servers — we lock them all down
  • … and its not time for the apocalypse, yet.

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