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Published: September 7th, 2012

LuxSci has had a member’s only system status page for a long time.   This provides logged-in users with information about current and scheduled maintenance, current issues, and resolutions to historical problems.  It is also very smart, in that it knows what items apply to you and which do not — hiding the ones irrelevant to your account make it much easier to tell if there is something going on that impacts you or not.

We have had many requests for making this information available via an RSS feed and/or Twitter account so that customers can find out about issues and maintenance faster.  There is also the issue of providing status information to customers that cannot access our web site, either because of service issues or because of unrelated network issues.

LuxSci now has a public System Status page –

How will the public status page be used?

The public LuxSci System Status page will:

  • Include posts about all scheduled maintenance for all LuxSci services
  • Include posts about any current Service Issues
  • Include updates on maintenance status and service issues

In particular

  • Updates will be posted for any known issue or maintenance affecting any of our servers or services … it is likely that most of these will not apply to particular customers.  Read the post carefully or use the member’s only system status page to see if it applies to you.
  • You can subscribe to updates via Twitter (Follow @LuxSciStatus)
  • You can subscribe to posts via RSS
  • You can also subscribe to get notices via email (by visiting the site and using the tool in the sidebar)

How does the Public Status differ from the Member’s Status?

The member’s status:

  • Will include detailed incident reports on system issues.
  • Will show only items that apply to your account; hiding all of the irrelevant posts.
  • Is visible in your LuxSci account under the “Support” menu.
  • Will inform customers of issues and maintenance in real time if errors are encountered using our web site.

The public status:

  • Will show all status postings.
  • May be updated more frequently with progress of maintenance and issues.
  • Is accessible even if LuxSci is down.
  • Is accessible via RSS and Twitter and can send emailed notices on all updates.
  • Is viewable by anyone (not just LuxSci customers).
  • Is oriented towards a more technical audience than the member’s status.

Which to use?  Use either or both depending on the circumstance.

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