December 31st, 2016

LuxSci’s 2016 Advancements – The Year in Review

LuxSci has been really busy in 2016!  Besides migrating customers from McAfee due to the “end of life” of their filtering and archival services, keeping up with the changing security landscape, and replacing our Enterprise Server Environment with a newer, faster, more scalable, and more secure private cloud, LuxSci has been hard at work adding new features and extending existing services in the directions most requested by our customers.  Here are some of the highlights.

HIPAA-compliant Dropbox: Secure File Sharing

Want to set up a public dropbox for sharing sensitive files but still remain HIPAA-compliant?  This is now a snap for anyone with a HIPAA-compliant LuxSci account.

LuxSci has long provided online cloud-based secure file storage and sharing via its Documents WebAide service, which is included with all accounts as part of our suite of collaboration tools (calendars, tasks, address books, files, notes, links, password libraries, and user groups).  Now, in addition to being able to share files internally with other users, groups, and accounts, LuxSci customers can securely share files with anyone on the Internet.

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New and improved Email Archival service

LuxSci changed archival partners after it was announced that McAfee’s email filtering and archival services were at their “end of life.”

The new Sonain service has turned out to be vastly superior to that which was available through McAfee. In the end, everyone will be able to take advantage of a superior archival solution.  This article discusses some of the benefits of Sonian Archival, as well as how we are migrating old customers from McAfee to Sonian and what they should expect.

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HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing

By now we all know that Skype is not really HIPAA-complaint.  LuxSci has released a new service that enables HIPAA-compliant video conferencing for one-on-one and group video communications like Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. … but fully secure and HIPAA-compliant.  There is even an option to record sessions (with everyone’s permission) which is great for secure corporate meetings and training sessions.

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HIPAA-compliant Texting

LuxSci announced the launch of SecureText, a unique solution to concerns about HIPAA-compliant text messaging (SMS), and an important step to safeguard and secure electronic patient health information (ePHI).

Communicating through text message is a convenience to which we have grown rapidly accustomed. However, sending unsecured texts places healthcare providers and patients at risk in several ways: (1) ePHI-laden messages are not always encrypted during transmission or storage; (2) anyone with access to a recipient’s phone or stored messages can view ePHI-laden messages; (3) and some ePHI-laden text messages travel through organizations which lack required HIPAA Business Associate Agreements. Additionally, since healthcare providers are required to obtain and maintain consent from patients for texting – providers must ensure that patients are adequately educated on the risks associated with sending ePHI via text and presented with secure alternatives to insecure texting.

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HIPAA-complaint Meetings Requests in Calendars

In the fall, LuxSci released updates that support responding to meeting requests via WebMail and MobileSync.  LuxSci also supports creating and managing meetings through LuxSci’s calendar interfaces.  One of the really unique features of LuxSci’s meeting management service is its security and HIPAA-compliance.    As meeting invitations can contain sensitive information, LuxSci secures all emailed meeting requests, updates, and related notices so that customers can remain HIPAA-complaint.  Nobody else does that.

Many other smaller advances of interest

Beyond standard updates, LuxSci also released numerous feature enhancements, including:

  • New Dedicated Server Management Interface for dedicated customers.  This interface provides current and detailed historical insight into CPU, RAM, swap, disk, IO, and bandwidth usage, as well placing some actions, such as “reboot,” into the hands of account administrators.
  • SecureForm now performs anti-virus scanning of any files uploaded through your web forms and also enables you to track the exact geographic location and physical address of where someone fills our your web forms (see Geolocation in SecureForm).
  • Use Ask Erik to send questions to LuxSci CEO Erik Kangas.  Erik personally reads every submission.
  • Read LuxSci’s eBook: HIPAA-compliant Email Basics
  • LuxSci’s API enables automated sending of HIPAA-compliant, secure email messages and secure text messages.
  • LuxSci High Volume now offers optional, detailed hard and soft bounced email analysis — contact support for more information.

2017 looks to be equally exciting!

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