May 18th, 2009

Make LuxSci Your Intelligent Smarthost

LuxSci’s authenticated smart hosting service has been enhanced to provide full compatibility with outbound SecureLine automatic email encryption, per-user taglines, per-user sending limits, per-user SMTP usage auditing, and more. It also makes integration with your existing email server or Exchange server very easy.

This new “intelligent” smart hosting feature takes the stream of inbound email coming from your server through a single LuxSci SMTP user and determines which actual user is sending the message, based on the “From” address in the message headers.  The message is then treated as if it was sent by and authenticated by the LuxSci user with that address.

Use of a LuxSci “Intelligent” smarthost allows you to, for example, connect your existing Exchange server to your LuxSci account using a designated “smarthost user,” and then offers all of LuxSci’s great outbound email processing tools — all without your existing users needing to change anything.

Some of the outbound email tools you could enjoy in this way include:

  • Secure Email: Automatic outbound email encryption via SecureLine. Get email compliance without needing to change email servers.
  • Anonymization: Anonymize your messages to hide your server’s IP address.  Protect yourself from blacklisting.
  • Domain Taglines: Have domain-wide taglines and disclaimers applied to all outbound messages automatically.
  • User Taglines: Have per-user taglines and disclaimers applied to outbound email messages automatically.
  • Content Monitoring: Have the content of outbound email messages scanned for specific content (keywords, phrases, regular expressions).  If that content is found, the message can be denied, automatically encrypted, and/or sent to an auditing email address.
  • Email Capturing:* Have copies of all sent email messages copied to another email address of your choice for archival or auditing purposes.  Works with LuxSci’s archival services.
  • Recipient Restrictions:* Restrict what addresses your users can send email to.  Either specify a list of denied addresses and domains, or a list of allowed addresses and domain.
  • Message Size: Limit the maximum message size that your users can send.
  • Message tracking and logging.

* These services, if enabled, also permit you to exempt certain people from being affected.

Additionally, when using a “smarthost user”, each message sent is logged as if it were sent by the user specified in the “From” address.  This means that, even though all messages are passing through the single smarthost authentication user,

  • You can get detailed reports of what email each individual user sent.
  • Each individual user has his/her own sending limits.  If a user hits his/her limit for some reason, that will not affect anyone else.

So, unless you need to use arbitrary “From” addresses in your email messages, using the new “smarthost user” feature is really to your advantage.  You can enable the user that you are smart hosting through to be this kind of “intelligent” smarthost user by going to LuxSci’s user administration area, selecting that user, going to the “User Administration > Configuration” area for that user, and then checking the check box named “User can be an SMTP smarthost for mail relaying.”

Note that:

  • This feature is not applicable to LuxSci’s High Volume SMTP service
  • Individual users are limited to sending at most 300 messages/day to at most 3000 recipients/day, by default.  This also applies to the user that you are smarthosting through, unless that user has this new feature enabled, or unless you are using our High Volume service to have larger limits.

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