October 8th, 2009

Managing Widgets Just Got Easier!

LuxSci has just updated the interface for managing your workspaces of widgets.  Previously, there was an “edit mode” where users could add, delete, and re-arrange widgets.  This edit mode has been removed and all edit functions have been merged directly into the normal widget interface, making usage must more fast and natural.

Now, via the pop-up menu available in the right of each widget’s title bar, users can now:

  • Delete the widget (remove it from the interface)
  • Edit the widget’s properties and settings

Additionally, the “Customize Page” link at the top right of the workspace has been converted into a pop-up menu allowing users to:

  • Add new widgets
  • Increase or decrease the number of columns used for displaying widgets
  • Reset the interface to the default set of widgets
  • Get help

Finally, users can now click on the title bar of any widget and drag it to a new position; re-arranging widgets is now very easy.

Coming soon – create and share new widget workspaces! This feature will be available only to users with WebAide licences.

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