February 20th, 2009

Multiple LuxSci Accounts? One Invoice. One Payment.

If you have multiple accounts with LuxSci and would like to consolidate billing so that you pay for all of your accounts via one “main” account,  an “automatic balance transfer” feature is now available.

The way this works is that we “link up” your accounts at your request so that any balance due on a “dependent” account is automatically marked paid on that account and transferred to your “main” account.  Then, you can pay the consolidated balance on the main account either automatically using our standard payment methods of credit card, PayPal, check or wire transfer.

This automatic balance transfer feature ensures that:

  • You get one invoice with charges from all “linked” accounts.
  • All of your accounts will be paid-in-full, so long as the main account is up-to-date.
  • You can setup payment for other accounts, if needed, without being the main administrator of each of them.

Account holders who find themselves with multiple accounts, may also find our existing “Global Administration” feature useful.  It allows you to use your main login as a single sign-on to administer all of your LuxSci accounts.  Have 5 accounts?  No problem — pay for them all in one place and administer them all using one login.

Contact LuxSci Support if you would like to link up two or more accounts for automatic balance transfers or if you are interested in enabling single sign-on Global Account Administration for yourself.

One Response to “Multiple LuxSci Accounts? One Invoice. One Payment.”

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    […] High Volume Email is a separate LuxSci service; you cannot add it to your existing LuxSci account. However, it is easy to sign up for a separate High Volume account. Once you do, you can link it to your existing LuxSci account so that you can manage them both with a single login and pay for them both through a single account. […]

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