November 22nd, 2008

Multiple Personalities: Improved WebMail Signatures

LuxSci has supported the specification and use of unlimited signatures (i.e. personalities) in WebMail for many years.  LuxSci’s signatures allow you to customize the from and reply addresses, as well as to add text or HTML "signature" content to your email messages. 

As a result of many client feature requests, LuxSci has made some significant usability and functionality improvements to its WebMail Signatures.  These include:

  • The ability to specify completely different versions of a signature for use in HTML and plain text email messages.
  • Introduction of a visual editor for entering signatures for HTML email messages.
  • A visual delimiter between signature and message, so it is clear where a signature begins and ends.
  • Signatures can be automatically included in the message, even if you have multiple signatures, and you can change the signature content at any time by selecting a new signature from your list.
  • The WebMail system knows where your signature is in your message, even after you have edited it.  This allows WebMail to accurately update and change the signature information at any time during composition, even when resuming composition from a Draft.
  • If you change between HTML and plain text editing modes in the middle of message composition, your signature will be automatically updated with the version appropriate for the new mode.

LuxSci’s WebMail signatures are now more versatile and powerful than those available in many desktop email programs, like Mozilla Thunderbird.  In addition, these changes have been implemented in a way that actually makes WebMail composition much faster.

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