September 20th, 2011

Never Lose Your Work! Auto-Save to Drafts in WebMail Email Composition

LuxSci already has several features that help you save your work when composing new email messages:

  • Commands to save the message as a “Draft”
  • If you try to leave the composition screen without sending or saving the message, WebMail asks you to confirm.

However, there are still situations where you could lose important work:

  • Being auto-logged out due to stepping away from your computer for too long
  • Confirming by mistake that you want to stop composing the message
  • Web browser crashes, computer crashes, power failures, etc.

LuxSci’s new “Auto-Save” feature protects you from all of these situations by automatically and seamlessly saving your work as you are typing.

How Does It Work?

The first time you compose a messages in WebMail, you are asked if you want to enable this auto-save feature.  After that, you can toggle its use in your Preferences area.

Why would you not always want auto-save on? Some people are very cautious about what information is saved to the server — for this reason, auto-saving of your compositions is an opt-in feature (though one that we recommend and prompt you explicitly about).

Auto-save works by:

  • Changes to your composition are automatically saved whenever you stop typing for 1-2 seconds.
  • Your saved composition will appear in your Drafts folder within 1-2 minutes and changes will be updated to your Draft copy within 1-2 minutes of the changes being made.
  • The new Draft is automatically deleted if you successfully send your message or save it explicitly as a new Draft or Template.
  • In all other cases, your composition will remain in your Drafts folder for you to later view or resume.

Auto-saved drafts:

  • Do not include attachments — presumably you have copies of these on your computer.  If you want a Draft with attachments use the “Save as Draft” button explicitly.  By not auto-saving attachments, we can save the rest of your message much faster and more efficiently.
  • Are normal Drafts — You can access these Drafts any time from WebMail or any IMAP or MobileSync-enabled email program or device.  You can even access these Drafts while still composing the original message!
  • Will remain in your Drafts folder until you explicitly remove them (though you can configure your Drafts folder to auto-delete old messages).


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