August 8th, 2006

New Alternate POP and IMAP Ports

LuxSci now provides alternate ports for POP and IMAP connections to help our users with difficulty connecting to our servers due to firewalls blocking the usual ports.

POP users may now optionally connect to their LuxSci POP server using port 2110 for normal insecure POP, and port 2995 for secure POP over SSL.

IMAP users may now optionally connect to their LuxSci IMAP server using port 2143 for normal insecure IMAP, and ports 2993 and 443 for secure IMAP over SSL. The latter port, 443, is the usually used for secure web site connections and is thus open on most firewalls. So, most users should be able to make secure IMAP connections no matter what kind of firewall they are behind (assuming they are entitled to make IMAP connections to LuxSci).

Note that LuxSci still provides the following alternate SMTP ports for its SMTP users: 80, 587, 2025 and 6025 for insecure SMTP and SMTP over TLS, and 465 and 6465 for SMTP over SSL.

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